Why should I invest in Minaret?

Revolutionary Crypto Asset

Holders of Minaret coin will gain several benefits. As part of Dip-Buy process, contract takes care of buying back some of the coins automatically and burn them whenever a sell happens. It is similar to the current buy-back contract seen on the market with more advanced tweaking to buy dips automatically. Also this coin will be used as screening fee for both investor and deployer on Minaret exchange.

This is a unique concept to enable top notch profit for early adopters of Minaret (MINAR).

100% Safe and Reliable Investment

We are tired of all the scams and rugpulls, thus Minaret aims to make crypto space a lot safer. As the first step, liquidity pool of our own Minaret (MINAR) coin will be locked till 2100 (100 Years) on DxSale resale automatically. With ZERO Dev and only 5% for Airdrop tokens, we are taking credible steps to legitimise the crypto space.

No chance of Rugpull, and like you, we also hate scammers!


Initial Supply: 100 Trillion

Presale Supply: 40 Trillion
Pancakeswap : 24 Trillion
Tokens Burn : 23 Trillion
Airdrop : 5 Trillion
DEV Wallet : ZERO

14% Total tax

8% Buy back tax
4% Marketing Tax
2% Holder Advantage

14% Pancakeswap slippage (after presale)

Minaret Exchange

Minaret will bring the Most Trustworthy DeFi Exchange competing with PanCakeSwap and Unicrypt. Our main goal is to prevent fraud and scam, because of this, our exchange will only list SAFE coins. All coins on our site will be screened, only legit coins will make it through so you don't need to do DYOR.

We will not warn you like DxSale / PanCakeSwap / Unicrypt because we will do the research for you.

Minaret will be equivalent of Cake-LP tokens, everyone who holds Minaret coin will never need to do DYOR on our exchange.

So put it simply new investors will keep coming and diamond hands will always get the max reward, win-win!


Minaret Coin brings revolutionary roadmap to bring you financial rewards and a state-of-the art DeFi exchange, backed by a solid marketing strategy and engagement offerings.


Q1 - Q3 2021


Initiation and Launch

  • Website Launch
  • DxSale Launch
  • PancakeSwap Launch
  • Extend Advertising
  • CG and CMC Listing

Forward Look


Exchange Deployment

  • Exchange App Released
  • Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Market Disruptive PR
  • Community Events and DeFi Awards

Minaret Exchange

Sneak peek at our exchange app - work in progress